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Back Wax


Our back wax is perfect for men or for women!

If you’re seeking a superbly effective way to remove unsightly hair growth that can detract from your overall image, waxing is the answer.   In minutes, our highly skilled estheticians can wax away all of your unwanted hair and stubble, giving you ultra-sleek skin that will stay smooth for weeks.    It’s one of the best ways to boost your confidence and give your back a total makeover!

For the difficult-to-reach back area, shaving is just not an effective option for hair removal, and depilatory creams do not provide long-lasting results.   Our back wax gently and efficiently removes all of the hair by the roots, a process which has a multitude of benefits.   Not only does your skin remain free of hair longer, but when the hair does grow back, it is much thinner and more sparse.   Over time, with repeated back waxing at our salon, you’ll see less and less regrowth and you can go longer between appointments.

Make an appointment with our experts today, and discover how amazing you can look and feel!



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