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Face & Facial Waxing


Our facial waxing services at The Retreat Hair Salon in New Orleans are by far the easiest and most efficient way  to remove unwanted facial hair and get gorgeous silky smooth skin!   Daily shaving or tweezing to remove facial hair growth is time consuming and laborious….and a continual process.   Hair growth can reappear within hours after shaving, and it returns in the form of stubble, which can be unsightly and embarrassing if you’re a woman.   Face waxing removes the entire hair shaft, including the root of the hair, so your results last for weeks not hours.

Aside from super long-lasting results, a professional face wax on a regular basis reduces the amount of hair regrowth on your face.  The more you wax, the less your hair will grow back, and it will be thinner and less dense each time.    Our gentle hair removal products are perfect for sensitive skin and  designed to give you outstanding results.
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