Hair Color Correction


Hair color disaster?  No worries!  Our colorists at The Retreat in New Orleans are experts at correcting hair color that has missed the mark.   If you’ve had a bad experience at another salon or if you've tried a off-the-shelf product and your color didn’t end up like the super model on the front of the box, come and see us!  We can repair the damage, remove or adjust the color, and turn your hair color nightmare into a happy ending!  

Hair color is a science.   The end result is determined by a combination of your starting color, the condition of your hair, the quality of the hair color formula being used,  and  the experience level of the person applying the color.  If the technique, formula, or expertise of the colorist isn’t top notch, you can end up with color that is lighter or darker than you wanted, brassy overtones,  a dull finish that lacks shine, or amateur results such as highlights that are too chunky or that look like “stripes” instead of blending with your natural hair color.

At The Retreat, our colorists have trained extensively  to be the best in New Orleans!  At your appointment, we will examine the health and current condition of your hair, ask detailed questions to learn exactly the color that you want, and then we’ll make recommendations for how to repair the damage and give you the color you really wanted all along!  It may take more than one appointment to correct a color mishap, but in time, we’ll get you there with skillful experience.

Don't settle for hair color you don't love!  Make a hair color correction consultation today with our experts.



Do you love the impact of ombre?  We do, too!  Our stylists are highly skilled at this technique and there are so many variations.



The secret of natural looking highlights often seen on the tresses of celebrities and runway models is out!  With our balayage highlighting technique, you can have those effortless sun-kissed look, too.



Want to keep your hair color looking fabulous and protect it against fading?  Our stylists share expert advice on products and daily hair care that will give your hair long lasting, shiny, vibrant color. 



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