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More tips for beautiful hands from our New Orleans salon!



The soothing effect of warm paraffin and the soft, supple skin that accompanies this treatment make it a the one of the best ways to heal dry, rough skin instantly.    When your hands are dipped into our heated paraffin solution, you will  feel a transforming effect as the wax begins to solidify and transfer heat to your skin.  The heat allows the pores of your skin to open so that your skin can be more deeply moisturized.  Your skin will feel soft and silky smooth afterwards.



For the ultimate way to pamper your hands, try a gel manicure from our New Orleans nail salon.  Gel polish comes in an array of incredible colors, and dries in seconds with a mirror-like finish.  The real benefit of a gel manicure, however, is how long it will last.   Gone are the days of getting a manicure only to be frustrated when the polish chips and peels two days later.  A gel manicure will last for up to two weeks with no chipping.  You can do all your daily tasks and still have beautiful nails!


Nail Salon Services

Manicure - $19
A relaxing treat that includes gentle exfoliation, nail trimming, and moisturizing. Make it French for $23

Gel Polish Manicure - $38
The ultimate indulgence for long-lasting results that last for up to 2 weeks without chipping

Royal Street Manicure - $37
A step up from our regualr manicure that includes soothing mask and warm paraffin treatment

Musée Conti Historical Wax Dip - $10
Preserve your hands or feet in paraffin, just like the wax figures on Conti Street.

Express Pedicure - $30
A little treat for the feet. This quick pedi shapes the nails, pushes back the cuticles, and finishes with polish.

Pedicure - $50
Our pedicures are not what you find at the “quickie nail” shop. Extra special, long lasting; so sensational you’ll need a designated driver.

Cajun Pedicure - $70
When you want to spice things up a bit, try the added comforts of a mint mask, double exfoliation and paraffin dip.

Acrylic Nails
Refill - $32
French - $40
Buff and Polish - $19
New Set - $65
French - $75
Guitar Fill - $20
Artificial Nail Manicure - $25

Our acrylics nails are hand-filed and are expected to last at least 3 weeks between fills.  Visit our New Orleans nail salon soon.  Your hands and feet will thank you.


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