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Nail technician Sharon D. is the absolute best!! My gel manicure lasted 3 FULL WEEKS without chipping or peeling! I am notoriously rough with my hands so keeping a manicure fresh is an unimaginable task. Well after 21 days, 4 states, 2 camping trips, countless hours of working in kitchen and cleaning- my nails are PERFECT!
My nails are also very fragile- they break so easily! After my gel manicure my nails were able to grow out to the longest they've ever been!  so impressed!
I came back to Sharon today and she remembered exactly how she did my nails last time (I was picky), she remembered our conversation and everything! So sweet and personable. She even custom painted my nails- 2 coats light pink and 1 coat bubble bath- creating the perfect color for my skin tone!
--Rachel F.


My first time at the Retreat was, well, a treat. A group of girlfriends got together for a spa day to honor a newly engaged friend. The staff is so accommodating, to the extent that they set up a makeshift bar for us--champagne, wine, the works. Excellent customer service and facilities. I will be returning!
--Danielle H.


Oh my gosh!  This place is absolutely amazing!  My friends and I went here one day after we did habitat for humanity to get a massage.  It was just incredible!  While I was waiting for my friend to get her massage, I also got my hair cut.  The guy who did my hair was really good and I was going to try to wait to get my hair trimmed when I made it back down to New Orleans again!  If I lived here, I would definitely be a regular.  You can also get your nails done here too.  This place is definitely a RETREAT!!
--Kaai L.

Cindy has been doing my nails for a very long time and she is the greatest.  No matter how poor my paws look, she makes them look beautiful.  Caroline gives great facials and I am so happy with the massages as well.
Love the new shellac nail polish so much better than the acrylic.
--Kim H.


I went to Retreat recently for manis and pedis with my friend who was about to get married and the rest of her bridesmaids.  There were 6 of us and the friendly staff welcomed us and took great care of us while we pretty much took over the salon.  They gave us margaritas** and blankets to bundle up in while we waited for each other.  Everyone was very friendly, helpful with suggestions for the bride and made the overall experience great.  Everyone's nails turned out great and all the treatments seemed reasonably priced.  
** Don't expect a margarita with every trip to Retreat!  They just happened to have the mix in the back when we showed up, it's definitely not an every day occurrence.  But I thought it was great that they offered it right up and let us have a little pre-wedding party in their salon!
--Katie U.


I've been getting bikini waxes here for years. Brandy is terrific, very efficient and she does a wonderful job. Linda part owner and front desk person is a hoot. I highly recommend it!
--Amy M.


I've always enjoyed great experiences at The Retreat, and since I've taken advantage of nearly every service they offer at one time or another, I can attest to the fact that the staff there are always pleasant, professional, welcoming, and accommodating to the clients' needs...while making you look and feel beautiful every time you leave.


I bought two Groupons for myself & my neighbor.  With the Groupon, we received a mani & pedi for $30 each.  I've been to several salons in the past few years looking for that "ooh-ahh" pedi, some of them very well-established.  I guess I was expecting the same "ho-hum" pedi with the Groupon but let me tell you, my pedi was the "oooooh-aaahhhhh" that I've been seeking all this time!  Sharon was personable, patient, and very understanding. I am in a profession where I'm on my feet all day & I still had some soreness in one of my shins from a fall about a week earlier.  She was very gentle massaging my legs but when it came to my feet, the massage technique was so wonderful, I literally had tears in my eyes!  I can't wait to back to Sharon for my next pedi!  By the way, my neighbor had a different nail technician and sorry, her name escapes me, but she was very happy with her mani-pedi.  Oh, I love their massage chairs!
--Cyn G.


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