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Salon Secrets for Great Summer Hair

Ah summer!  It’s the season of long, sun-drenched days, vacations to sandy destinations, and time spent basking under warm golden rays.  It’s also season that can seriously impact the health of your hair.  
During the sultry summer months, give your hair a little extra attention each day and it will thank you by staying resilient and healthy for the entire season.  The tips below from The Retreat in New Orleans will help you to keep your tresses in top notch form.


Intense heat and sun exposure can drain precious moisture from your hair causing it to feel crunchy and dry.  Switching to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is one way to replenish your hair with a healthy dose of hydration.  For strands that are stressed and in need of repair, we recommend Keune Design Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.  The shampoo contains organic Argan Oil which gently cleanses your hair and controls moisture balance without stripping its natural oils.   The conditioner also contains Argan Oil as well as Panthenol and polymers that strengthen, add shine, and give your hair a soft and silky feeling.   

In addition to a gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a leave in conditioner is also an excellent option.    A leave in conditioner can be applied after you shower, while your hair is still damp, to seal your hair with a nutrient rich formula and prevent it from losing moisture during the day.   Leave in conditioners are perfect for daily use, but especially before you hit the pool, the water park, or the beach.


For intensely soothing therapy for dry summer hair, we recommend treating yourself to a super conditioning masque!    Choose a product such as Keune’s Design Repair Treatment.   This is an excellent deep conditioning product that contains Argan and Silicon Oils to repair split ends, add shine, and strengthen weak hair.  You can apply the product to your hair following a shampoo, and gently massage evenly throughout.   After 30 minutes or longer (depending upon your hair’s needs), simply rinse out the product and enjoy your strengthened,  glossy hair!  It will have regained vitality and a soft silky feeling all over.


You can also apply a conditioner or masque to your hair before you go to bed.  Wrap your hair in a towel and allow the conditioner to be fully absorbed by your hair as you sleep.
Once a month, schedule a deep conditioning treatment at The Retreat  to deep condition and repair damage that can be caused by sun, chlorine, or soaring temperatures.





Protect your hair before you swim:  Coat your strands with conditioner before diving into that chlorine filled pool or salt water ocean.  It’s better to fill your hair strands with proteins and moisturizers from the conditioner than chemicals from the water, especially if your hair is chemically processed with color. Chlorine and salt can change the color of your hair and cause it to become excessively dry and susceptible to breakage.

After you swim, rinse your hair immediately in clean water, and if possible, shampoo it.   If your hair is extremely saturated with chlorine or salt water and if you swim in the ocean or the pool on a regular basis, a color-safe chelating shampoo is an excellent option.   Chelating shampoos are formulated to remove mineral deposits in hard water that can become attached to your hair, but this type of shampoo is also very effective in removing chlorine and salt deposits from your hair as well.







Visit The Retreat Hair Salon in New Orleans for healthy hair year round!  Whether you need a trim, a deep conditioning treatment, a boost to your hair color, or just a few expert styling tips for your specific hair type, our experts will look forward to meeting you and serving you with the best hair care in New Orleans!






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