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    About Shuga

Shuga Repairs & Protects with Moisture Binding & Attracting Milk & Plant Sugars, Nutritous
Active Yogurt Proteins, Amino Acids & Anti-Aging Antioxidants. Shuga is the intelligent
intelligent choice. Pure natural, sulfate free ingredients are delivered into the hair using

Shuga incorporates nanotechnology* to improve hair appearance and is up to seven times
more effective in the delivery of functional ingredients into individual hair fibers.

Note: A nanometer is 40,000 times smaller than the width of the average human hair.

Shuga products are formulated to do four things smarter than any other hair care product:

HYDRATE: Restore the natural moisture level of hair

NOURISH: Deliver carbohydrates and essential elements to hair for optimum “climate control”

RESTORE: “Sweeten” damaged hair areas to smooth and repair broken cuticles

PROTECT: Provide protection against future damage

Shuga Complex makes you go "WOW" when our salon professionals use Shuga products on
your hair.

For more information on Shuga Complex products visit their website: Click Here
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