Skincare Services

Anti Aging Caviar and Pearl Facial $100
Pearls! Fit for any queen this high performance facial includes caviar~anti aging, and pearls~exfoliating, which create a lift off mask, giving you visual improvements on wrinkles and firmness.  
King of Carnival Facial $100
Men, try this intense hydrating and reparative facial to calm and heal the skin. Cleanly shaven preferred.  
Mardi Gras Masks Anti aging booster (added to any facial) $10
Jazz~mine Dry Skin Facial $75
Jasmine and Ylang Ylang provide intense moisture to dry, parched skin.  
Mimosa Combination Skin Facial $75
This citrus inspired facial for normal to combination skin hydrates, exfoliates and restores the skin's natural balance.  
Lakefront Oily Skin Facial $75
For those with a few bumps in the road, this deep cleaning facial removes blemishes and sanitizes the skin.  
Le Petit Facial $45
Take 30 minutes to exfoliate and hydrate. You decide how to spend the time improving your skin.  
Lumafirm Facial $85
Redefining radiance and facial contouring. Ideal for any
skin type showing signs of aging.
Back Facial $75
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