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Waxing & Hair Removal FAQs


Can I get waxed the day before a special event?
If you are a first time waxer, you do not want to schedule your appointment right before your wedding, honeymoon, vacation or other special event.   You can’t accurately anticipate your skin’s reaction if you have never had a waxing procedure of any kind.    We suggest scheduling hair removal appointments several days in advance of your big day.   You can also do a “test” in which a small area of your skin is waxed.  This will allow you to get an idea of the results without removing the hair from an entire area.  

How long will my skin remain hair-free?

This depends on several factors.  Every person's hair grows at a different rate, but generally speaking, most people's skin will remain smooth and free of hair growth for at least 2 weeks and others can go for 3 weeks before hair growth returns.

Should I shave between appointments?  
No.  Simply allow your hair to grow between visits.  Shaving makes your hair more resistant to future waxes.

What are the benefits of getting a wax on a regular basis?
Shaving only keeps your skin hair free for a day, sometimes only for a few hours.  Waxing provides longer lasting results because the hair is removed by pulling out the roots.  Weeks later, when your hair does begin to grow back, it will be much softer,  thinner, and less dense.   The more often you get waxed, the less your hair will grow back.

Can I get a tan?
We recommend waiting 24-48 hours before sun tanning or exposing your skin to a tanning bed.  Your skin may be slightly more sensitive after hair removal, and sun exposure may increase the sensitivity.    If you are planning to get a spray tan, wait until after your appointment.  If you tan first, the wax could possibly strip the tan off.



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